Don’t buy anything unless it’s from Inno and Monoprix (any store that ends in -erie is usually expensive; any store that ends in -prix usually isn’t).
– Cook your own food.
– Append to above: Use vegetables.

– Again, don’t buy anything unless it’s from Inno and Monoprix. Corner stores are deceptively shabby; they’re still more expensive.
Wait until the six-week winter and the summer sales to buy nice clothing. Most stores sell tons of things steeply discounted. Winter sales start mid-January, and summer sales start mid-June. Try things on a week or so before the sales start so you can march into the madness when they begin and know exactly what you’re going to snatch up.

Use the rule of craigslisting: know exactly what you want (type/brand of product and price range– in this case, type of housing, time span, and price range), then pounce as soon as you find it.
– Peruse‘s housing section. Slim pickings compared to the American craigslists, but still effective.
FUSAC (France USA Contacts) is a weekly Franco-Anglophone ad bulletin. [in French]

– Museums – get a student year pass to museums (hint: the Louvre is the cheapest). Student passes usually cost just a little more than two regular tickets.
– Tours – go to –> Les Actualités –> Conferences –> Programme. [in French– the English version is useless] There will be a weekly list of tours being held around Paris, usually 8 euros a pop (6 if you’re a student). You’ll be accompanied by French old people and art students, and everything is in French. Good luck.
– Download Rick Steve’s Free Audio Tours of Paris, in MP3 format. His whole website is chock full of good stuff.

– Indie – check out Parisnormale, a blog on anglo-friendly indie gigs.
– go to La Fleche d’Or all the time like I do. Entrance is free pretty much always, and their nights go from indie rock to electro and techno. Warning: long walk from the Metro, awkward French dancers.

Subscribe as a member to cheap carriers such as easyJet, vueling, ryanair, etc. (easyjet’s the best) and get their e-mail offers. They’re not as spammy as you think.
Wait until they have low prices for the place you want to go to, then pounce (same idea as craiglisting)
– Try It aggregates all the cheap airlines above and then some, and you can see which dates and times are the cheapest in a given one-month span. Warning: flight quality may vary.
– Check out for lodging. Name is self-explanatory.
Some countries offer cheaper per-night rates for bed and breakfasts.
– Craigslist isn’t that well-known in Europe, but you could try looking for a short-term sublet like I did for New York. (Just don’t get your key mailed to you then forget it in your suitcase.)

Use Skype. Just find an internet connection in a place that would tolerate you speaking in whatever language you call home in.
– If you’re like me and have trouble being assaulted with a million IMs at a time, keep different IM accounts for specific people. I no longer use AIM as a primary source of communication, but I have a secret account reserved for talking to my boyfriend.



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