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the road trip: embarking on a classic american tradition

Long time no see? Yeah, I probably have to update this blog more often. But, you know, sometimes I have a slightly more interesting real life to deal with. And last month I had to write a novel, so I was more busy than usual.

But now it’s the first week of winter break and the thunder outside sounds ominous and I’ve got some free time for the moment, so I’ll give y’all a quick update.

My room has been turned into a guest room while I’ve been away and will be in use for the break, so I decided last week to eschew spending Christmas and New Year’s with the family to go on an impromptu road trip to Arizona. Besides, gas is hella cheap right now (this past weekend I saw a gas station in Menlo Park proudly displaying regular at $1.69 FTW!) and my friend Ricky lives in Tucson and is gonna be driving down there anyway so expenses shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Maybe.

FAQ, or, “WTF Are You Thinking?”

Have you got a plan? Sort of– we’ll be hitting up friends in L.A. on the way to Tucson, I’m staying with Ricky’s fam once we get there, and we might spend New Year’s in Flagstaff. (Couchsurfing might be key while on the road. I wish I had in iPhone so I wouldn’t have to worry about Internet, but… oh well, it’s more fun that way.)

Do you even have any money? I’ve got about $50 in cash. So… nope.

Aren’t you worried? Not really. Ricky knows how to throw knives.

So yeah, that’s the plan. My dad’s not too happy about it, but I’m pretty sure he’ll be seeing enough of me when I graduate and move back in next year.



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