writing on the move is harder than i thought

So I’m gonna back post some of the entries I wrote before leaving Paris. But that’ll probably happen in late December at the earliest because I left my laptop in California.

I’m currently in Bangkok with my sister, staying at an American (or Australian?)-run guest house a few Skytrain stops away from everything. I’ve been taking about three hours of sleep at a time at night and through the morning (polyphasic-style), so my jet lag hasn’t left me dead– but then again I’m completely used to being wide awake at 11:30 pm.

On the way here we had a 10-hour, nausea-filled flight from SFO to Narita, where I spent two hours trying to dredge up the remnants of my Japanese, then slept through most of the 7-hour flight to Bangkok, then woke up and watched The Beach for the first time. Unfortunately my sister isn’t taking Alex Garland’s message to heart so we’ll be hitting a lot of tourist stops– and probably running into a lot of drunk Anglophones on the way. :P

Bangkok feels a lot like Manila, but it’s got a better mix of Tokyo and Hong Kong and is a hell of a lot cleaner. Our first glimpse into it was in the huge Siam mall complex, which is more of a luxury than a real shopping experience. We haven’t bought much of anything yet, but the food is much more reasonable price-wise and we’ll be buying local clothes and stuff from the markets so we don’t look like pickpocket targets.

The weather on Ko Pha Ngan is going to be crappy for a while, so we might stay on the mainland until it stops raining. We’ve got four days in the city to acclimatize and get a crash course in Thai culture. Plus I need to learn how to read Thai really effing soon, so we’re armed with a couple thousand baht, a 15-year-old Lonely Planet guide to the country, and a Thai dictionary and phrasebook.

Wish us luck.


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This is a blog of things place-related, by a cash-strapped Stanford grad who's lived in various places and writes about life. She's currently looking for a job in Manhattan or the Bay Area.

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