thailand? thailand??

What a month it’s been. Sorry for the lack of posts, although I should be even sorrier for my lack of Internet at the apartment! Man, do you know how hard it is to drag a laptop around Paris in a handbag? Anyway…

Due to an interesting turn of events, which included not getting my residence permit in time to register for classes (oh France, how you love screwing me…), I am still doing nothing in Paris, and am going to Thailand in November.

Yes, Thailand. It turns out that the tuition I was supposed to pay for the Sorbonne is about the same amount needed to live like a king for a month or two in Thailand. Plus, my sister’s kicking off a backpacking trip around Southeast Asia by starting in Thailand in November. Thus I’ve been happily dragged along.

So starting from November 8-ish, I will no longer be doing nothing at the top of a seven-floor walk-up in Paris, but will be doing nothing in a hut by the beach on an island in Thailand.

My time horizons have shifted significantly because of this, so I’m trying my best not to stay on my ass in the apartment (especially now that my flatmate’s back…). It’s a little depressing– you know, now that I’m kinda settled into my new home, I have to pack up and leave again? But I guess I’m kinda used to it…


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