one last food post for the win

Since my host mother is back and again in charge of my dinner, this will be my last food journal post (until maybe July, when I’m all moved into my own apartment). After this, it’s back to… our regularly scheduled program? What IS my regularly scheduled program, anyway?


5/15/2007 (T)
Brunch: vanilla, strawberry, citron yogurt, milk bread, baguette
Class: can of orange juice (1)
Dinner: arugula (?) with lemon, 2-egg cheese omelette with tomato, citron yogurt, milk bread, baguette, soymilk

I still don’t know what the mystery head of lettuce is, but it’s bitter on the inside and tastes great with lemon juice and/or balsamic vinegar. (Don’t take my word for this one, though; I love sour stuff.)


5/16/2007 (W)
Early Breakfast: soymilk and sugar ice cream, soymilk-bread-vanilla yogurt ice cream
Lunch: viennoise au chocolat (.70)
Linner: Quiche, Pain aux Raisins, Orangina (5.70)
Dinner: 2-egg cheese and tomato omelette, greens with balsamic vinegar and lemon, vanilla yogurt

I was looking through the ice cream page in HowStuffWorks and got to the part about Five-Minute Ice Cream. Since I had rock salt and ice from the freezer, I HAD to give it a try. The results were less than spectacular, but I made milk bread ice cream! How awesome is that? Surely more awesome than trout ice cream.

 bread ice cream iced bag of soymillk/yogurt/bread/sugar, on the rocks


bread ice cream the frozen finished product

I’m not at all opposed to having the same thing for dinner twice in a row. Seven times, though… that might be pushing it.
I love omelettes, and I finished up my emmental cheese (now two weeks old!) with this last one, depicted in all its messy glory, with brown egg scrapings from the pan on top and a bit of balsamic vinegar + lemon juice on the side. (I only took a few sips straight, then dipped the greens in.)

dinner may 16th


5/17/2007 (Th)
Brunch: soymilk and cereal, coco yogurt
Snack: rice cakes with jam, guac, cheese, strawberry yogurt, soymilk, grass jelly drink
Dinner: cheese (2.10), tabouleh, red and rose wine, chips, petit ecoliers, corn nuts, shrimp chips (!!!), crab quiche (!!!!!!!)

Today I attended a wine and cheese/chips/snacks on the Pont des Arts, and proceeded to freeze my ass off and eat things with seafood in them. Oh well; I’m trying my best to be a good vegetarian, but there are those occasional 2 a.m. beef ramen cravings…


5/18/2007 (F)
Breakfast: milk and cereal, citron yogurt, egg with cheese, rice cakes
Snack: box of delichocs (2.80)
Linner: creole (meringue), tea, greens with lemon
Dinner: lentils with tomato, onion and avocado, toasted whole grain bread with hummus, red wine

I’d been eating so well, and then promptly decided that I HAD to bring a box of Delichocs to my midterm. Until then my mind had been totally clear, and then I filled it with absolute CRAP. Yummy crap, though. My friends probably all think I’m a pig by now.


At least dinner was good– my first host mom dinner in a while! She hates cooked lentils, so I get lentil salad-type things a lot.


The grand total? About 100 euros on food in sixteen days. A wince-inducing sum, but good to know. Maybe I should invest in some tupperware to pack my own lunch.

My next post will be a geek post dedicated to free apps for my beat-up old PowerBook, which still runs on Mac OS X 10.3.9.

“10.3.9?” I hear you all say. “How preposterously outdated!” Well, hush. I happen to enjoy my Dashboard-free existence. Stay tuned.


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