and by twenty euros a week, i meant fifty

I decided to keep my food journal up for a little bit longer for future reference because my mom asked me to figure out my monthly budget while I’m in France. If I don’t eat out, I’m pretty sure I could survive on 100 euros a month food-wise. However, my self-control is kind of lacking right now, especially with classmates around.

By the way, I found out that the bread I got in Franprix is called “pain tagine” because it’s baked in a tajine pot.


5/11/2007 (F)
Brunch: milk and cereal, milk bread, yogurt
Bought: (~7)
– 10-pack milk bread (pain au lait)
– eggs
– 4-pack muesli yogurt
– box of potage aux legumes
– box of fake petit ecoliers
Dinner: lentil stew, milk bread, muesli yogurt, fake petit ecoliers

Oooooh, MILK BREAD. I didn’t think there was a bread sweeter than Filipino pan de sal, but this delicious dessert bread proved me wrong. Also, I had no idea what muesli was until I picked the yogurt up (on sale because its expiration date was on Sunday). I still don’t really know. But whatever it is, I like it.

I also re-created my lentil stew from last time, but this time I didn’t realize that too many peas spoil the broth. And I dumped the rest of my lentils into the damn thing, so I ended up having lentils for dinner for the next three days. Lesson learned: Don’t hedge your bets on one dish.


5/12/2007 (Sat)
Breakfast: milk and cereal, muesli yogurt, milk bread
Linner: milk bread and muesli yogurt, petit ecoliers
Dinner: poached egg, lentil stew with egg, milk bread, muesli yogurt, petit ecoliers

I had to finish the yogurt before Sunday, which explains why I had so much of it. But I had a lot of milk bread and petit ecoliers too because I decided to try a new kind of diet regime: eat healthy stuff during the week, but take a day off and binge on whatever junk you want. It apparently works by tricking your body into thinking that it’s definitely not starving, so it subsequently keeps your metabolism amped. Dunno if it’ll work because I eat something sweet virtually every day, but the idea’s pretty cool.

Also, how does a poached egg end up like this?:

poached egg…


5/13/2007 (Sun)
Brunch: cereal, yogurt, senbei, crackers, jam and guac on rice cake, mango juice
Dinner: poached egg, tea, lentil egg soup, yogurt with brown sugar and cereal

I ran out of milk, so I ate the cereal dry, then tried mixing it with my last cup of yogurt for dinner. I also ate a lot of crap because I ran out of everything else. For dinner, I poached an egg with the boiling water method but didn’t use any white vinegar, so I had lots of egg left over in the water and decided to toss some of the old lentil stew in there, plus more salt (which it didn’t need at all). It tasted like ass.

lentil egg soup


5/14/2007 (M)
Breakfast: package of chocolate sandwich cookies (1.50)
Lunch: viennoise au chocolat (.70), riz wokbar and jus ACE (carotte, citron, orange) (5)
Snack: banana-nutella crepe (4)
Bought: (9.76)
– 10-pack milk bread
– baguette
– 2 tomatoes
– 1 head of lettuce?
– box of bio soymilk
– 8-pack of la laitiere yogurt
Dinner: lentil stew leftovers, part of the baguette, rest of mango juice

I TOTALLY went on a spending spree today. I rushed to school, so for breakfast I bought some sugary, totally crap snack from a vending machine along the way (if you haven’t already been warned, metro vending machines are a no-no!!).

Lunch was better; there’s a place called wokbar near school where vegetarians can have a large carton of fried rice with carrots, peas, bean sprouts and egg for about 3.40. It’s the viennoise, drink and CREPE that killed me. The vendor right next to the Métro St.-Placide makes fantastic crepes, but they run from 3-5 euros a POP! Holy crap!

Then I went to Franprix to buy milk and bread when the assorted 8-pack of yogurt caught my eye. I really like the La Laitiere brand (it’s by Nestlé); their individual yogurts come in really cool-looking clay pots, and they’re so creamy and rich. I also bought some greens, but seeing as I have NO idea how to pick them, they’re probably gonna rot pretty soon. Well, the tomatoes should be good. My dad used to grow them in our backyard, so I know how to pick ’em.


I’ve spent about 85 euros on food in twelve days. Sweet Jesus. How’s that for a one-person food budget?

Sigh. At least my host mother’s coming back on Thursday…


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