a week on twenty euros, continued

Hmm… this experiment started to fail miserably when I got a 3-euro gelato cone from Amorino. I’ve already gone well over my 20-euro budget, but I blame it entirely on going out to eat, because my at-home meals were definitely under 20.

Here’s my menu thus far. Prices are indicated in parentheses if necessary. Also, the bread isn’t called matnakash, it’s something else. Sort of like a softer bagel, but quadruple the diameter and more flour-y. I keep forgetting the name when I look at it in Franprix.


5/3/2007 (Th)
Breakfast: cereal and milk, 1 cup yogurt
Lunch: 1 egg botched poach, fried bread, rice cake, jam on rice cake
Dinner: 2 eggs w/ legumes and soup for sauce, rice cake, bread, cranberry juice, kiwi
2h30 snack: jam on rice cake

My sleep schedule was being reconfigured, thus the snack. Also, using the potage aux légumes verts as a sauce for the eggs was BRILLIANT (ta-ta-tasty!). It’s amazing what a .99-centime box of soup can do for you. I should’ve taken pictures.


5/4/2007 (F)
Lunch: milk and cereal, 1 cup yogurt
Snack: gelato (3)
Bought: (~6 euros)
– 1 apple
– 3 tomatoes
– 1 cucumber/zucchini?
– 1 large can of lentils
– 6 more eggs
– 1 packet of grated Emmental (Swiss) cheese
– 2 1L bottles of water (this shouldn’t really count…)
Dinner: cheese and 1 tomato 1 egg omelette, finished off the bread, cranberry juice, jam on rice cake

I decided that one egg a night was enough to live off of (two eggs made me too full for dessert!). I don’t know the word for cucumber OR zucchini so I bought a random long, green vegetable and hoped for the best.


5/5/2007 (Sat)
Lunch: tapenades on bread, jam with yogurt
Linner: 3 rice cakes with tapenades and jam, yogurt, ensaymada (bread with butter, brown sugar and cheese), apple
Dinner: 1 egg botched poach, legumes, fried bread, milk and cereal, cranberry juice

This was the night I learned that in order to poach an egg, you have to fill the pan with water first. Will have to try that sometime.
Also, ensaymada is a very good but ridiculously unhealthy Filipino dessert. To make your own:

1. mix equal parts butter and sugar together
2. smother the top of a piece of fluffy white bread with this mixture
3. top off with grated cheese.

The cheese is definitely what makes this dessert. I made a lot of ensaymada once I got the combo of oil, sugar and fat just right. And ate it all. And then I felt kind of nauseated.


5/6/2007 (Sun)
Brunch: milk and cereal, yogurt
Bought: drinks, senbei (2.56)
Lunch: vegetarian samosa and egg roll, lemon tea (2.50)
Dinner: chinese buffet (10), banana split (4.30)

I went to the quartier chinois (read: Chinatown) on Sunday, which is why everything I bought was dirt cheap (but dinner was in the Marais). A fellow Stanfordian and I perused Tang Frères, a riot of a supermarket if I ever saw one outside of Asia, and stocked up on food that we haven’t seen in months.


5/7/2007 (M)
Breakfast: senbei
Lunch: banana-nutella crepe (4), water (.80)
Dinner: 1 egg omelette with legumes, yogurt, jam on rice cake, cranberry juice

I bought food today because it’s a school day again. Besides, Stanford gives us a monthly meal stipend, so maybe I should actually use it for food this month.


In all (including last week’s groceries and the last few days), I spent about 45 euros on food. I just did the math and it’s SHOCKING. Eating out was about 25 euros of that. I was even trying my best to be miserly…

Lessons learned from this week? Stop eating out. (And stop making impulse purchases!) The end.


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