travel clinics are a rip-off, and housing hijinks

I visited the Vaden Travel Clinic on campus yesterday, and realized I just paid $30 for a nurse to read a printout about vaccines to me for thirty minutes. I could’ve just read up on this stuff through the travel section in the Centers for Disease Control site. The Hepatitis A vaccine I almost got anyway, until I realized in my allergy-induced stupor that it cost $65 and I wasn’t going to Eastern Europe. The meningitis vaccine? If I live in a dorm, maybe. But I don’t know if I’m staying with a host family yet, and it’s about $100. And RABIES. I can’t believe the nurse talked to me for five minutes about RABIES. If anything, I should’ve put the $30 I wasted on this useless consultation towards getting the HPV vaccine when I get back.

Anyway, my guy and I found a hotel in New York (I really, really wish we’d done this in advance ‘coz it cost $500 for THREE nights), but since the hotel will let us cancel our reservation up to 48 hours before check-in without a penalty, we’re also on the prowl for last-minute sublets on craigslist. As in, really last minute. I expect to start finding deals maybe four or so days before we leave. (I love the magazine Time Out: New York, and also the LiveJournal community nyc_for_free— I got a ton of responses to my post asking for help. :)

London’s kind of a problem because the exchange rate is $2 to a British pound right now. We just got a cozy bed and breakfast around the West End, but honestly, anything within Zone 1 of London that’s a five-minute walk from a Tube stop would be great for me. I actually wanted to check out a hostel, but bf is balking at the sketchiness. Oh well, at least I convinced him to consider craigslist for NYC.

Also, I added more referrals to the Support section in the column to the right, namely YesAsia and ThinkGeek. Online shopaholics, now’s your time to shine.


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